EJ Groups Develop Guiding Equity Principles for Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Infrastructure Funding

(Full post) Today, $7 billion in funding was announced that will shape our energy future – but the ARCHES hydrogen plan has blocked environmental justice organizations from participating in its entire process. This plan has the risk of being extremely dangerous if it is not handled with input from EJ, public health, and community based organizations that can ensure it does not perpetuate the systemic injustices we need to eradicate.
To that end, we have established guiding principles which represent our collective values and positions to support the communities of color and low-income backgrounds that we represent across the state of California.

✅ We only accept green hydrogen projects and uses that do not keep fossil fuel infrastructure online and meet the outlined equity principles.  
✅ We oppose all forms of  dirty hydrogen production.
✅We demand community consent and involvement in the development of any hydrogen project.  

📄 Read our joint statement on Equity Principles for Hydrogen