CA Energy in two Directions

CBE Whole Energy Transformation 2050 Factsheet

► Clean Electricity expanding: Energy Efficiency, Demand Management, Rooftop Solar, Wind, Energy Storage
► Million Electric Vehicles by 2020, + efforts to electrify rail (see Charge Ahead Campaign)
► Oil Refinery neighbors & workers coming together
for safety regulations & pollution cuts
Fracking & drilling boom with major water & air pollution hazards & large water use
Building new unnecessary natural gas power plants will last for decades with major greenhouse gas emissions
► Bringing in Dirty Canadian Tar Sands & explosive N. Dakota Bakken crude oil by RAIL, SHIP, PIPELINE
► Oil Refineries with dangerous corrosion, explosions, & flaring but still are trying to bring in even more corrosive & explosive crude oil 

California already has a goal for 80% Greenhouse Gas Cuts by 2050This requires a whole Energy Transformation out of Fossil Fuels by 2050, and is proven feasible* and necessary to meet state goals and avoid catastrophic climate change. This will also mostly eliminate our killing smog. But can’t reach this goal if we bring in dirty crude oil and spend our money on building natural gas power plants.

► Phase out All Oil Refineries, & Natural Gas Power Plant Electricity by 2050
► Phase in Electric Vehicles, Clean & Efficiency Electricity (Solar, Wind, Storage)
► STOP Extreme Crude Oil & Natural Gas (Tar Sands, Bakken, fracked fuels) NOW!

Benefits of stopping use of Fossil fuels by 2050
We can stop:

  • Deadly smog
  • The unfair, heaviest burden of pollution impacts on low income & communities of color
  • Our fast road to catastrophic climate change
 Chevron Refinery fire 8-6-12 CBE [homepage]
We can build:

  • The new & equitable clean energy economy, ensuring that the most polluted and poorest communities have a fair share of the health, environmental, and economic benefits

* The Technology Path to Deep Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cuts by 2050: The Pivotal Role of Electricity, Williams et al, UC Berkeley, Science, Jan 2012 (See CBE fact sheet on the Whole Energy Transformation)