Movement Building

Building community power to achieve environmental justice takes shared strategies and resources. Creating alliances to build a strong movement is a core strategy of Communities for a Better Environment.

As a leading California environmental justice organization, CBE has built a number of strategic alliances over its 34 years of work. We work with partners that share a common vision of building power in marginalized communities.

CBE works at the state and national levels with the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA), a coalition of grassroots groups from throughout the state that work in low-income communities and push for environmental justice policy at local, state and national levels; and Grassroots Global Justice, a national alliance of popular organizations building a movement for peace, democracy and a sustainable world.

Collaboratives and Coalitions


Climate Justice Alliance (CJA): Our Power Campaign ~ CJA is a collaborative of over 35 community-based and movement support organizations uniting frontline communities to forge a scalable, and socio-economically just transition away from unsustainable energy towards local living economies to address the root causes of climate change.


Regional and National

Southern California

Northern California