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Support East Oakland in Stopping Crematorium

Before the Crematorium burns 3,600 bodies, the community deserves an updated health risk assesment. In selecting the site for the crematorium, there was disregard for the community, one that is comprised of mainly African Americans and Latinos. Find out how to help and join us in solidarity. 

Oakland for the Living

In the census tract around the crematorium, we are 47% African American and 49% Latino

Why is it that this census tract falls into high percentiles for:

asthma? (99th)

– toxic cleanups? (97th)

– and diesel? (92nd)

East Oakland is left in the hands of people who do not understand what our communities need for better living conditions. You are essential to Oakland and its vitality.

Stewart Enterprises who have merged with Service Corporation International (SCI) will introduce the largest crematorium on the West Coast, at 9850 Kitty Lane in Oakland, CA by the airport.

Residents of East Oakland were not included in the decision to bring in this crematorium that plans to burn 3,600 bodies.

The crematorium will be responsible for emitting toxic air pollutants that worsen asthma and are linked to cancer, including mercury, arsenic, and particulate matter. WE must speak for ourselves and demand life in our air!

Now, it is in the hands of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) to ensure that there be the best possible health risk assessment of the crematorium.

We need your help in demanding a health risk assessment with the existing form of air modeling used. Do not dump on low income people of color communities anymore!

We are asking that BAAQMD notifies the community if Stewart seeks a permit to operate, and that BAAQMD staff conducts a new review, not relying on its 2011 work, but instead using the most current, health-protective standards. 

Click here for sign on letter

Please, send your letter to the local representative on the BAAQMD Board of Directors. We have left space for you to add in your own personal message.

For example, if you live in Alameda County, you can send your letter to one of the following:

Supervisor Nate Miley

Supervisor Scott Haggerty

Council member Rebecca Kaplan

Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter

Full list of BAAQMD Board of Directors can be found here.

For more information or request to present to your local community group, please contact: Ernesto | earevalo@cbecal.org or Esther | esther@cbecal.org

Together we can take down all the ways in which white supremacy affects our communities.




CBE’s Board of Directors Announces CBE’s Newest Executive Director–Darryl Molina Sarmiento, CBE’s Former Southern California Director

Press Release HERE!

For Immediate Release 6/26/2017: CBE Perseveres Despite Multiple Break-ins and Theft

Read Press Release HERE.

For Immediate Release 6/14/2017: CBE Sues South Coast Air District over Tesoro LA Expansion

See Press Release HERE!

Remembering Ana Cano

Read Roberto Cabrales’ dedication to Ana Cano

For Immediate Release: Beyond the Red Dots

Lives beyond the red dots and on the frontline need the power and knowledge to advocate for change. Read CBE East Oakland’s press release on EDF and Google Cars mapping of air pollution in East Oakland here!

Charge Ahead California Leading With Equity Programs To Bring Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles to CA’s Most Disadvantaged Communities

Low-income communities of color impacted by tailpipe pollution can benefit from equity programs-incentives & rebates, electric vehicle car sharing, vehicle retirement & replacement, and financing assistance-that are at the heart of Charge Ahead CA. Click here for more information!

For Immediate Release: Air District Approves Tesoro Plan for West Coast’s Largest Oil Refinery Despite Looming Pollution Threat to Neighbors

On the night of May 12, South Coast Air Quality Management District announced their approval of the massive Tesoro oil refinery merger and expansion project. Read our PRESS RELEASE 

People’s Climate March Los Angeles: Thousands March in Wilmington to Resist Tesoro Expansion

Our communities and allies including at least two thousand people came together April 29th and marched right up to the gates of the Tesoro LA Refinery. See our No Tesoro Los Angeles Expansion page

Unite to Resist at the #PeoplesClimateMarch on April 29th

We are uniting and resisting the Tesoro refinery crude oil invasion to the West Coast and its connection to Dakota Access! Join #PeoplesClimateMarchLA with frontline communities fighting for Environmental Justice! Learn more here!

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