CBE on Mutiny Radio

chevron protest BWCommunications Coordinator, Steven Low, speaks to Mutiny Radio on their show, The Weekly Review, about EJ, dirty crude, and CBE’s work to move California towards a sustainable energy system. Listen to a 3 min clip. Full interview here. Learn more about Mutiny Radio.

CBE Exposes the Dangers of Dirtier Crude Oil

CBE Senior Scientist, Greg Karras, discussed the health and safety hazards that refining dirtier crude oil poses for the Bay Area region at the Ecology Center in Berkeley, CA. Learn more about dirtier crude oil.

Oakland City Council meeting regarding Crematoriums

Nehanda Imara speaks at 5-7-13 Oakland City Council meetingCBE Organizer, Nehanda Imara, testifies against the development of a proposed crematorium in a community already over-burdened by air pollutants.

How can grassroots power take on a global crisis?

Richmond Chevron refinery fire Aug 6 2012CBE Organizer, Andres Soto, is interviewed on KALW’s show, Your Call: the one year anniversary of the Richmond Chevron disaster.


LandscapeBill Gallegos and Alicia Rivera are featured in this 35 min blog radio segment about the low-income communities of color whose health will be traded away under Cap and Trade.

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