Newsom Administration Proposes a 3,200ft Setback for Oil and Gas Drilling Operations

(Full Post) Today we celebrate the step forward for public health, the safety of our families and their children. We applaud this brave rule from the Newsom administration and know it will be met with misinformation from the oil and gas industry. The same way that Big oil and gas joined forces with the detention center industry, white supremacists, and luxury real estate to try and capture the Governorship, we know that they will try to oppose this rule and continue raking in profits. After more than two years of delay, we celebrate this rule.

“Wilmington families have been living with the dangerous impacts of oil drilling for too long. The Governor’s announcement of a 3,200 ft setback shows us that the Newsom administration is listening to the science and the frontlines. With this 3,200 foot setback, Newsom’s administration is telling the world they care about righting these wrongs that continue to pollute our lungs – now we need them to make it law. Countless frontline environmental justice communities have been waiting for this rule and we look forward to engaging in the process to ensure that workers and communities are protected as this rule is finalized.”

Wendy, Wilmington Community Member, Communities for a Better Environment Intern

“Today, California took a critical step forward for public health and the safety of our families and children,” said Darryl Molina Sarmiento, Executive Director of Communities for a Better Environment. “By creating a framework to end harmful oil drilling near communities, California is prioritizing front-line residents most impacted by harmful pollution while working towards a healthy equitable transition. We will continue to engage with the Governor’s Office in the next few months to secure a final health and safety setback regulation at CalGEM that offers strong protections for front-line neighborhoods impacted by oil drilling. The fight isn’t over. We need drilling operations phased out in our communities, with robust plans put in place to protect workers and communities.” Read more…

Currently, 2.17 million residents live within 2500 feet of an oil and gas well: that’s roughly 1 in 20 Californians. Of the 600+permits that have been granted for oil & gas sites in our neighborhoods in the last 2 years, >450 are for existing drill sites.

Your voice matters. We have 60 days to get comments in and urge for the strongest protections. Customize your comment if you have extra time. Give your public comment here and tell @calconservation @cagovernor @UduakJoe to end environmental injustices like these in California!