Los Angeles (virtual): Community Meeting on 710 South Freeway Expansion Project- Reunión comunitaria sobre el proyecto de expansión de la autopista 710 sur. September 25th 10am-12pm

(Full Event Details) Community meeting on the 710 south freeway expansion project. We will share info on the 20-year fight to ensure that our communities are prioritized by Caltrans and Metro. This public meeting is for anyone and everyone that lives near the 710 freeway. Politicians and their staff will not be permitted to join this meeting.

Sábado, 25 de septiembre: Reunión comunitaria sobre el proyecto de expansión de la autopista #710. Compartiremos información sobre la lucha de 20 años para asegurar que nuestras comunidades sean priorizadas por Caltrans y Metro. Esta reunión pública es para cualquier persona que viva cerca de la autopista 710. Los políticos y su personal no podrán unirse a esta reunión.

Wilmington, we are hiring! ¡Wilmington, estamos contratando!

(Full post)Join our team! Hiring 3 Wilmington Outreach interns!

Outreach interns will work with community to build connections across climate adaptation, housing, and utility assistance. This will include in-person tenant outreach, connect people with housing and utility assistance resources via phonebank and text, distribute resilience kits, and conduct community surveying on climate adaptation needs. Outreach will occur in the Harbor Area communities including Wilmington, Harbor City, Carson, San Pedro, etc.  This is a temporary and part-time position beginning in September-December 2021.

Deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 15th. Expected start date is Monday, September 27th. Rate of pay is $18 per hour and 15hr/wk

Apply at bit.ly/applyCBE

¡Unete a nuestro equipo! ¡Contratando a 3 Promotorx para Wilmington!

RESUMEN DEL PUESTO GENERAL: Promotorxs trabajarán con la comunidad para construir conexiones a través de la adaptación climática, la vivienda y la asistencia de servicios públicos.  Conectará  inquilinos a talleres de derechos y ayuda legal y a las personas con recursos de asistencia de vivienda y servicios públicos a través de llamadas teléfonicas y mensajes de texto, distribuirá kits de resiliencia y realizará encuestas comunitarias sobre las necesidades de adaptación climática. El alcance se llevará a cabo en las comunidades en la area de Harbor: Wilmington, Harbor City, Carson, San Pedro, etc. Este es un puesto temporal y de medio tiempo a partir de septiembre-diciembre de 2021.

Aplique antes del miércoles 15 de septiembre. La fecha para comenzar es el lunes 27 de septiembre. Debido al tiempo parcial de este puesto, no podemos ofrecer beneficios o vacaciones. El sueldo es $18 por hora. 15 hora por semana.
Aplique :bit.ly/apliqueCBE

Green Zones Ordinance: Public Comment for Regional Planning Commission (Submit by 9/21 at noon)

(Full post) We need YOUR support! Please take a moment to submit a written public comment to urge the Regional Planning Commission to push for a stronger Green Zones (GZ) Ordinance that offers true community protection. Comments must be submitted by September 21st, 2021 at noon. http://Bit.ly/gzcomment

While the GZ Ordinance was created to address industrial issues near people in unincorporated communities, we need it to push for rezoning and more consistent land use practices. We need to continue to protect the health and quality of life of those who have been historically and disproportionately impacted by multiple polluting sources. Link is above and it takes 2 minutes to complete!!!

¡Necesitamos su apoyo! Por favor tóme un momento para enviar un comentario público a la Comisión de Planificación Regional. Queremos una Ordenanza de Zonas Verdes que sea fuerte para asegurar que ofrezca proteccion a la salud de las comunidades.

La Ordenanza de Zonas Verdes se creó para abordar problemas industriales cerca de personas en comunidades que no son incorporadas, la necesitamos para urgir la rezonificación y prácticas de uso de la tierra. Queremos mejorar la salud pública y la calidad de vida en comunidades que históricamente han sido afectadas por múltiples fuentes de contaminantes.¡El enlace está arriba y tarda 2 minutos en completarse!

EPA Chief and US Rep take Toxic Tour with CBE

(Full post) US Rep Nanette Diaz Barragán and EPA Administrator Michael Regan visited Wilmington and South East Los Angeles on August 19th, 2021 to see and hear about the health impacts that locals face due to their proximity to dangerous pollution. They visited oil drilling sites, a few refineries, and Central Metal in #SELA. We appreciate their leadership and look forward to creating real health protective solutions.

Check out this article that was published that morning.
“Ashley Hernandez, 28, grew up in the area. Now she’s the Wilmington youth organizer with Communities for a Better Environment, and she recalled suffering health problems as a girl.

“One of the first experiences that I had living within this site was having an eye infection, or what I would consider it is an eye infection,” Hernandez said. “I had to miss around two weeks of school.”

During a visit to the pediatrician, she said, the doctor said, “You live in an area where there’s so much going on that it’s really important that you sleep with … your windows closed.”

She said her mother and sister attended a meeting organized by Communities for a Better Environment. They learned that other people were having similar health problems.

“A lot of kids were dealing with either rashes or, like, hollowed-out eyes, nosebleeds, and this was also a part of my history growing up here,” Hernandez said. “I had low heart palpitations. I had nosebleeds that would take over entire pillowcases. I had entire classrooms of peers in elementary school dealing with either asthma or nosebleeds.”

August 31, 2021: Special General Election Assembly District 18

(Full Post)
AD18 election is coming up real soon. Are you ready to vote? Check your voter status online: registertovote.ca.gov After you’ve checked your status and you’re ready to vote, head over to ballottrax and sign up to track your ballot! https://acvote.ballottrax.net/voter/

La Elección General Especial del Distrito 18 de la Asamblea se acerca muy pronto. ¿Estás listo para votar? Verifica tu estatus de votante en línea: registertovote.ca.gov Despues de verificar tu estatus y estas listo para votar, diríjase a ballottrax y regístrese para asegurar que llego su boleta. https://acvote.ballottrax.net/voter/

Los Angeles: Tenant Legal Clinics Tuesday, 9/21/21 at 6pm

(Full Event Details) Questions about rent? Eviction notice? Rental Assistance? Call in and speak with a lawyer for free. Help us spread the word to those that might be in need! Just call 323-920-9963 at 6pm on 9/21/21.

¿Preguntas sobre el alquiler? ¿Notificación de desalojo? Asistencia de alquiler? Llame con cualquier pregunta que tenga, o pasele la informacion a alguien que necesite ayuda. ¡Completamente gratis! Llame al 323-920-9963 a las 6pm el 7/27/21, 8/10/21, 8/24/21, 9/7/21, o el 9/21/21.

Wilmington Member Orientation- Wednesday, August 4th (Spanish/English) 4-6pm

(Full Event Details) ¿Conoce a alguien (familia, amigos, vecinos) que pueda estar interesadx en justicie ambiental y que quiera ser miembrx de CBE? Invítelos a nuestra próxima orientación para nuevos miembrxs el Miércoles 4 de agosto, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Invitamos a la comunidad de Wilmington, Harbor City, San Pedro, y Carson para que aprendan sobre la justicia ambiental y compartan su experiencia de vivir en la zona del puerto con las industrias mas tóxicas de todo el estado. ¡Únase virtualmente en Zoom!

RSVP: bit.ly/joinCBE

https://zoom.us/join ID de reunión: 829 1159 5453

Do you know anyone (family, friends, neighbors) who might be interested in environmental justice and would like to be a member of CBE? Invite them to our next new member orientation on Wednesday, August 4, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. We invite community members from Wilmington, Harbor City, San Pedro, and Carson to learn about environmental justice and share their experience of living in the Harbor Area with the most toxic industries in the entire state. Join us virtually through Zoom!

South East Los Angeles Member Orientation- Wednesday, July 28th (Spanish) and Thursday, July 29th, 2021 (English) 6-7:30pm

(Full Event Details) Únase a nosotros en nuestra próxima orientación para nuevos miembros de SELA el 28 de julio a las 6 pm. Cubriremos varios sitios tóxicos y la resistencia que está sucediendo en todo el Sureste de Los Ángeles. Aprenda cómo unirse a nosotros como miembrx de CBE. Esta Orientación para Nuevos Miembros de SELA, se llevará a cabo completamente en español. ¡Esperemos verte allí! ✨
Join us at our upcoming SELA New Member Orientation on July 29th @ 6pm! We will be covering various toxic sites and discussing the resistance happening throughout South East LA. We will also guide you on how you can join us as a CBE member. Our SELA New Member Orientation held fully in spanish will be on July 28th @ 6pm. Hope to see you either day!✨

Cat Cracker Rule 6-5 Update

(Full Post) Cat Cracker Rule 6-5 has been approved by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District! Read our press release on today’s (7/21/21) historic vote! “This is a huge win for environmental justice communities who have been fighting for this rule for years as a matter of racial, environmental, and climate justice. Despite a widespread misinformation campaign by the refineries and their allies of exaggerated costs that threatened our communities with doomsday scenarios, the Board of Directors made an historic vote today on behalf of disproportionately impacted communities,” Andres Soto, Richmond Community Organizer for Communities For A Better Environment


Previous text prior to vote:

The BAAQMD vote has been rescheduled for July 21st, 2021. Send and email to the board before then! The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is planning to finalize a rule that would reduce pollution from Chevron and PBF (formerly Shell) oil refineries in Richmond and Martinez, California — some of the largest refineries in the world. Regulation 6 Rule 5: Particulate Emissions from Refinery Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units a.k.a. Cat Cracker Rule 6-5’s original vote was set to take place on June 2nd but was delayed due to the amazing turnout by community during public comment. (Read more)