East Oakland: AB&I Health Risk Impacts, Friday, May 7th 5:30pm

(Full Event Details) Please Join us Friday at 5:30 in collaboration with BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Management District) in order to learn about the AB&I Foundry’s Health Impacts! Spread the word! RSVP @ http://bit.ly/HRAWorkshop ———-Unase con nosotros este Viernes, Mayo 7 en colaboracion entre CBE Y BAAQMD (Distrito para el Control de la Calidad de Aire del Area de la Bahia) para aprender cualos son los impactos a la salud personal por la fundidora AB&I en East Okland. RSVP @ http://bit.ly/HRAWorkshop

Environmental Protection Agency Nixes Metro and Caltrans’ Current Plan for Expanding Lower 710 Freeway

(Click for full post ) This is huge/ confirms what we already knew. Alternative(5c) that was picked did NOTHING to improve air quality for hundreds that live along the corridor. 20+ yrs of organizing on 710 freeway alongside CEHAJ and we will continue to fight for a cleaner project that doesn’t displace people, includes local hire, and commits to a zero-emissions corridor.

CBE Statement of Solidarity with Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities

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March 19th, 2021 

Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) condemns all forms of xenophobia, anti-Asian racism, and anti-Blackness.  Whether violence takes the form of environmental injustice, state-sanctioned divestment, or state-sanctioned terror, we reprehend these harms that stem from white supremacy and capitalism.   

We condemn the anti-Asian hate, rhetoric, and violence that has arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we denounce those that advocate for increased policing as a solution to this issue. This includes the anti-Black response of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf; who uses both her privilege and platform to push her pro-police agenda and divide communities of color. Schaaf’s response, to increase policing in our communities, comes during a time when Oakland has committed to reimagining public safety and put forth demands to defund the police. Our communities have first-hand experience that has shown increased policing does not equate to an increase in public safety.  

Our commitment to a Just Transition embeds racial justice and social equity. We work to dismantle false solutions that seek to divide us while building a future rooted in community resilience. CBE is advocating for a Just Recovery: a redefinition of public safety that centers communities of color. We are calling on our elected officials to defund police budgets, and to reinvest in solutions that replenish, restore, and heal: safe housing, clean air and water, access to food and healthcare, healthy jobs and schools. We uplift the mutual aid efforts of those who are supporting community needs by providing solutions that center healing and restorative justice. We support calls to all civic leadership throughout California, particularly from the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, to immediately increase culturally relevant and trauma informed investments that:  

1.) Ensure victims and survivors of all backgrounds and language abilities receive full supportive services so they can recover and heal.  

2.) Expand intervention- and prevention-based programs; as well as invest in basic needs and community-based infrastructure that we know will end the cycle of violence, which will keep all of us safer.  

3.) Resource cross-community education and healing in Asian American and Black communities that humanizes all of us rather than demonizes or scapegoats any community of color. 

CBE stands united with all those who are working to end violence against and within their communities. We will continue building cross-racial solidarity with our allies to reimagine and reinvest in long term community centered solutions. 

We encourage our members, allies, and followers to support and amplify the efforts of: 

  • Oakland Little Saigon  
  • Oakland Chinatown Coalition 
  • Coalition for Community Safety and Justice (CCSJ) 
  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) 
  • Chinatown Community for Equitable Development (CCED) 
  • Ktown4BlackLives (@ktown4blacklives) 
  • Tuesday Night Project (@tnproject)⁣  
  • Nikkei Progressives (@NikkeiProgressives)⁣  
  • Sunday Jump (@thesundayjump)  
  • API Equality-LA (@apiequalityla)  
  • Kabataang maka-Bayan/ProPeople Youth (@kmb_la)  
  • Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA) (@progressiveasians)  
  • Palms Up Academy (@palmsupacademy)  
  • J-Town Action and Solidarity (@jtown.action.and.solidarity)  
  • Khmer Girls in Action (KGA) (@kgalb) 

CBE encourages all to continue learning about the issues of violence facing our Asian American communities, and to continue uplifting community-led solutions around elder needs and public safety. 

In community and solidarity,  

Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) 


(Full Post, Noticia Completa) The WaterTalks survey will support the planning for a sustainable water future for California.
Share your thoughts and experiences about water quality and accessibility in your neighborhood. Complete the survey, claim your organizational affilitation with CBE and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card!
For extra raffle prizes, take a screen shot of your completed survey and email laura@cbecal.org or text it to (424) 258-4630.
Take the survey now: www.tinyurl.com/WaterLA

La encuesta WaterTalks apoyará la planificación de un futuro hídrico sostenible para California.
Comparta sus pensamientos y experiencias sobre la calidad y accesibilidad del agua en su vecindario. Complete la encuesta, reclame su afiliación organizacional con CBE y participe para tener la oportunidad de ganar una tarjeta de regalo de $ 100.
Para premios adicionales, tome una captura de pantalla de su encuesta completa y envíe un correo electrónico a laura@cbecal.org o envíe un mensaje de texto al (424) 258-4630.
Responde la encuesta ahora: www.tinyurl.com/AguaLA

Beyond Chevron: New Year New Richmond- A Community Townhall March 18th, 2021 5:30pm-7:30pm

(See whole post) “Más Allá de Chevron: Año Nuevo, Richmond Nuevo” Jueves 18 de Marzo, de 5:30 – 7:30pm bit.ly/CHEVRON_TOWNHALL *Atendencia priorizada para residentes de Richmond y San Pablo. Tiene necesidades de acceso, preguntas, o preocupaciones? Contacte zolboo@cbecal.org

Come join a community town hall on Thursday, March 18th from 5:30pm-7pm; listen to stories from community members and vision together what comes next. bit.ly/CHEVRON_TOWNHALL
**Priority attendance for Richmond/ San Pablo residents and those who are directly impacted by Chevron. If you consider yourself an ally, please look out for future events with CBE. Have any access needs or questions? Reach out to zolboo@cbecal.org

CBE Community Fund Update/ Fondo Comunitario

(Full post, noticia completa) Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) is committed to the wellbeing of low-income environmental justice neighborhoods of color. Now more than ever our communities need extra support—that is why we created the CBE Community Fund. Since the Fund’s inception, we knew this was immediate and temporary relief. We received the last round of applications in October 2020 and have since closed the Fund due to exhausted funds. For the past 8 months we have supported more than 430 individuals and families statewide and distributed approximately $151,050 directly to Black, Indigenous, people of color, undocumented folks, low-income households, elders, youth, those that are differently abled, women, trans* or gender non-conforming folks, formerly incarcerated, single income households, houseless people, and those who are health compromised.

We will continue to:  

  • Hold Tenant Legal Clinics to ensure tenants know their rights and can consult with a lawyer 
  • Support and share information from local mutual aid networks to increase access to resources and strengthen local mutual aid 
  • Provide PPE and emergency kits to frontline communities who are impacted by wildfire, poor air quality, and increased COVID-risk  
  • Advocate for Utility-debt forgiveness, clean energy, a 2,500 ft buffer between oil & homes, and a Just Recovery 
  • Build relationships, amplify community leadership, organize for community-solutions that prioritize Black, Indigenous, People of Color and workers in a Just Transition! 

We would like to thank all who donated, all who applied, all who shared the application, and all staff who led and supported these efforts.  

Empower LA, Save on Utility Costs

(Full post, noticia completa)  Everyone has a right to live in a healthy environment, emPOWER is a coalition of community-based organizations across Los Angeles County making sure that the people hurt most by pollution, high heat, and increasing utility bills can access the millions of dollars provided by State and local agencies to combat climate change. To learn more, visit:

¿Tiene problemas con la registracion su automóvil? ¿Sabía que California ayuda a las familias de bajos ingresos con hasta $1,200 para pagar las reparaciones de smog, $1,500 para desechar su vehículo o $11,000 para reemplazarlo? Having trouble registering your car? Did you know California will provide working-class families up to $1,200 to pay for smog repairs, $1,500 to scrap your vehicle, or $11,000 to replace it?

Utility debt piling up? Low-income families can receive debt forgiveness and save 50% to 90% off their utility bills through monthly subsidies, no-cost efficiency upgrades, and free solar panels.

¿Se sigue acumulando la deuda de servicios públicos? Las familias de bajos ingresos pueden recibir la condonación de deudas y ahorrar entre un 50% y un 90% en sus facturas de servicios públicos a través de subsidios mensuales, mejoras de eficiencia sin costo y paneles solares gratuitos.

Mas informacion: https://libhill.co/empower-cbe