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Scott Pruitt, confirmed as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is a danger to local and global communities

[Read full CBE StatementPruitt is an unapologetic climate change denier and a close ally of the fossil fuel industry, big agriculture, and factory farming. Stand with frontline communities to help us fight back!  > DONATE NOW <


Allowing Pruitt to be at the helm of our nation’s most critical agency to protect every person’s right to healthy air, water, and soil and from environmental racism is reckless and dangerous.

While the polluting and carbon-emitting industries endanger our collective global home, it is communities of color and low-income people who suffer the most immediate and serious impacts — whether they be in Wilmington, Oakland, Flint, the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, or indigenous communities throughout the world.  

Front-line communities of color in California are assaulted daily from multiple oil refineries, oil extraction, natural gas power plants, and toxic facilities that threaten their safety and life expectancy.  

These communities have been leading the fight in our state to protect public health and our environment, all while continuing to be under-resourced in their advocacy efforts.

Now, more than ever, we must come together against Pruitt and the protections he will attempt to dismantle. We further ask that, while advocacy work rightly increases at the federal level, allies and advocates also remain at our side as we continue to do the critical, leading-edge work in front-line communities. It is our duty to persist and prevail. 

Help us continue to protect frontline communities.  DONATE NOW 

Tesoro Refinery Expansion Crude Oil Switch

We have an UPDATED fact sheet on Tesoro’s expansion project. We need you to write to AQMD and tell them to send the Tesoro Project Environmental Impact Report (EIR) back as a draft. [Fact sheet and Sample Letter]

Tesoro’s LARIC Project in Wilmington intertwined with a proposed shipping terminal project in Vancouver, Washington.

Even out-of-state Mayors and City officials are writing to Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti over their concerns about Tesoro’s LA plans. Joint Letter from Pacific NW Officials to Mayor Garectti and Mayor Garcetti’s Letter to SCAQMD.

 This Bay Area Proposal Would Strike a Huge Blow to the Dirtiest Forms of Oil Production (2/2/2017)

Read this article in the Nation featuring work by CBE’s Richmond team advocating for an emissions cap to prevent refineries in the Bay Area from converting dirtier-burning oils into fuels.


Is California climate law worsening pollution in communities of color? (2/2/2017)

Read this news story in KPCC featuring CBE member Magali Sanchez Hall, discussing the affect of refinery emissions on her health, and her community.

NYT Editorial on youth group lawsuit and oil advocacy (1/30/2017)

 Read about Communities for a Better Environment’s Youth for EJ lawsuit in The New York Times Editorial featuring community leader Giselle Cabrera, and how our City can better protect communities from oil drilling dangers.



CBE Stands For Sancturary

[Read Full CBE Statement] In light of the deportation threats, degrading and racist statements and violent hate crimes that are directed daily to immigrants and people of color across the nation, Communities for a Better Environment strongly …….

Roadmaps to Resiliency

CARE has Launched their Roadmap to Resilience for Wilmington and Richmond! Read the manual created thanks to the community!

BREAKING: L.A. Youth Groups Challenge Oil Industry’s Retaliatory SLAPP Suit

After Settlement of Legal Challenge to City’s Drilling Practices, Oil Lobby Group Sues Young Plaintiffs to Chill Their Right to Petition. Click HERE to learn more on Youth EJ SLAPP Suit



Welcome Jaimini!

Thank You  to the VABANC Law Foundation for Sponsoring CBE’s New Legal Fellow, Jaimini Parekh! jaimini-pic

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