Environmental Justice Communities Win BIG!

(Full post)📢Environmental Justice has WON! ✊🏾 We defeated Big Oil’s attempt to overturn SB 1137, the law that would create 3,200 ft setbacks between sensitive community receptors and oil drilling sites. ⛑

📌On June 26th, 2024, Californians for Energy Independence pulled their referendum seeking to overturn SB1137 in the November 2024 election! 
This is the result of decades of organizing to protect our neighborhoods and communities in solidarity with CEJA, CEJA Action, Working Families for a Healthy California, CRPE, PSR-LA, APEN Action, Black Women for Wellness Action, VISION, CCEJN, and the Central California Asthma Collaborative.

🔥SB1137 will now immediately go into effect to protect the health and safety of working families living within the 3,200 feet of oil and gas drilling. A future where Wilmington will be free of neighborhood oil drilling is within reach! 🔥🥺

Our communities are thankful for the partnership of Senators Lena González, Monique Limón, and Assemblymember Issac Bryan for upholding these crucial safeguards

Please join us in celebrating this amazing victory by donating to CBE today so that our communities can continue to fight for clean air, water, and healthy places to live. Donate at cbecal.org/donate 😊