Fire Drill Friday’s- 3/6/2020- 11-12pm & 1:30-3pm

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Join us at 11am PT at Joe Buscaino’s office in the San Pedro Harbor District Office Building & for a rally after this action at 1:30pm!

Why Wilmington / L.A. Harbor Area?

Wilmington, Los Angeles is a prime example of why Governor Newsom must prioritize the health and safety of Californians over the profits of fossil fuel companies. In Wilmington right now, Warren Energy & Power is putting families at risk with its toxic drilling practices — some of the neighborhood ranks among the top 5% of communities with the highest pollution exposure in the state! It’s making people sick and putting the world at risk by locking in the worst effects of climate change.

Fossil Fuels are strangling our communities and our democracy. The world is literally burning, from the Amazon to Australia, and fossil fuels are the biggest contributor to that.

When our house is on fire, as Greta Thunberg said, what do you do? Join Jane and Fire Drill Fridays friends on March 6th as we demand a just transition off of fossil fuels, a Green New Deal, 2500 foot setbacks, and No New Fossil Fuels!! The event is being hosted by Greenpeace USA, Communities For A Better Environment, and Stand Together Against Neighborhood Drilling .