Fall 2013 Newsletter

Yosemite fire and global warmingYosemite Fire is the New Normal Unless We Address the Climate Crisis

Why are we experiencing so many intense natural catastrophes? Read More.

tar sands imageThrowing the Bay Area Under the (Tar Sands) Train

Big Oil is planning to gear up infrastructure to process low-quality crude oil. Read more.

CBE communitiy members at an Oakland City Council meetingKeeping Gray Ash Out of a Greener Oakland

For over a year, residents have worked hard to put a wrench in the decision to give a permit to a “Wal-Mart scale” crematorium… Read more.

Youth for Environmental Justice workshopYouthEJ is Education, Love, Compassion and Action

[CBE Youth author] CBE has prepared me to face certain social and environmental obstacles in my community head on. Read more.

Brownfields could transform into community marketsCommunity Members’ Vision to Transform City Brownfields

CBE members visualized a new Huntington Park where selected brownfields are turned into a sustainable mixed-use area… Read more.