CBE Community Fund Update/ Fondo Comunitario

(Full post, noticia completa) Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) is committed to the wellbeing of low-income environmental justice neighborhoods of color. Now more than ever our communities need extra support—that is why we created the CBE Community Fund. Since the Fund’s inception, we knew this was immediate and temporary relief. We received the last round of applications in October 2020 and have since closed the Fund due to exhausted funds. For the past 8 months we have supported more than 430 individuals and families statewide and distributed approximately $151,050 directly to Black, Indigenous, people of color, undocumented folks, low-income households, elders, youth, those that are differently abled, women, trans* or gender non-conforming folks, formerly incarcerated, single income households, houseless people, and those who are health compromised.

We will continue to:  

  • Hold Tenant Legal Clinics to ensure tenants know their rights and can consult with a lawyer 
  • Support and share information from local mutual aid networks to increase access to resources and strengthen local mutual aid 
  • Provide PPE and emergency kits to frontline communities who are impacted by wildfire, poor air quality, and increased COVID-risk  
  • Advocate for Utility-debt forgiveness, clean energy, a 2,500 ft buffer between oil & homes, and a Just Recovery 
  • Build relationships, amplify community leadership, organize for community-solutions that prioritize Black, Indigenous, People of Color and workers in a Just Transition! 

We would like to thank all who donated, all who applied, all who shared the application, and all staff who led and supported these efforts.