Bay Area, Urge the Air District to Adopt a Strong Refinery Pollution Rule- 3 ways to help!

(Full Post)On June 2nd, the Bay Area Air District will be voting on whether to take strong regulatory action against Chevron and force the facility to make dramatic pollution cuts. After seeing the stark health impact data and hearing from community members like you, the Advisory Council of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (Air District) recommended that the Air District take “maximum feasible action within its authority to reduce emissions from [particulate matter] sources, prioritizing the most impacted areas.” However, Big Oil and its allies are lobbying aggressively against the rule, distorting facts and making false claims about the rule. 

We cannot afford to lose this intergenerational fight for environmental justice. Our lungs cannot afford it. 

The Air District must protect community health and truly bring “A HEALTHY BREATHING ENVIRONMENT FOR EVERY BAY AREA RESIDENT.” Help us we ultimately chart the path towards a future #BeyondChevron for Richmond.

Here are three ways you can support to make sure the Board votes the right way!

  1. Attend an action at the Air District Headquarters at 10AM Tuesday June 1st! Join community youth members and organizations to tell the Board members we need them to vote the right way to protect community health. You can RSVP here.
  2. Sign the petition!
  3. Send an email to Air District Board members! Tell them your story about why you need them to vote the right way.