CBE Updates

Time to step back and compromise on Chevron refinery upgrades

[Editorial] When Chevron officials say “trust us,” they forget that we once did. Read more.

A Change Is Gonna Come

[Blog] There are many ways to denote change. The question before us now: whose change, whose transition? Read more.

Community wins historic ‘clean safe jobs’ permit

Chevron required to use least-emitting safest refining technology, support community-based ‘Just Transition’ to sustainable energy. Read more.

Recommendations to Fix Chevron Project Adopted

[Press release] July 10, 2014, the Richmond Planning Commission voted to certify
the Environmental Impact Report for the Chevron ‘Modernization’ Project. Read more.

East LA Charged Up about Electric Vehicles

image011 [Press release] Community members joined Senator Kevin de León to learn about how electric vehicles can reduce air pollution, improve health and save working families money in communities that are disproportionately impacted by air pollution. Read more.

Polluter butting head against the brick wall of community power

Victory at the Oakland Planning Commissioners Meeting regarding the proposed East Oakland crematorium… Read more.

Groups Challenge Port of Long Beach’s Plan to Export Toxic Coal

[Press release] CBE and other orgs challenged the Port of Long Beach’s approval of two agreements, which allow the Port to export tons of coal and petcoke for the next 15 years.

Expand Richmond’s health, don’t expand pollution

Chevron Refinery Expansion Project-Conditions to Fight For in Richmond: clean energy jobs, cleaner air, and prevention of refinery explosions… read more.

Environmental & Labor Orgs Urge Senators to Resist PG&E & AB 2145

[Press release] Community, environmental, and labor, and groups rallied in front of the Downtown Oakland PG&E payment center to urge state senators to oppose AB 2145, “The Utility Monopoly Power Grab of 2014.”

Agencies Agree to Disclose Enviro Impacts of Bay Area Transportation & Housing Plan

[Press release] Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments reached an agreement with environmental and social justice groups on litigation relating to their latest regional transportation and development plan.

Read the legal settlement.

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