AB 345 – ALL HANDS ON DECK – Hearing Testimonies, Wednesday (8/5/2020) @ 9am

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  • What: testifying in support of AB 345 at the Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Water hearing
  • When: Wednesday, August 5th at 9am (our bill is supposed to be first up)
  • Who: supporters of AB 345:s
    • Unlimited frontline community members
    • Unlimited folks who are constituents of committee members (list here)
  • How: call in by phone, 1-888-251-2909 Access Code 736-2831
    • When you call in, you can listen to the hearing but will be muted
    • Turn off the volume on the device you are watching the hearing on (broadcast will show up on calendar here) and listen using the phone audio (which will be real-time, there can be a delay on video audio)
    • When the chair calls for testimonies in support of the bill, dial 1-0 (one time only)
    • Be patient and an operator will come on the line to give you a line number (i.e. “you’re line 25”) – there can be a short wait until the operator comes on, do not dial 1-0 again or you will be removed from the queue
    • Once you receive a line number, you’re in the queue
    • When it is your turn to speak, the operator will call out your line number and unmute you (“line 25, please make your comment”)
    • Immediately start to address the committee – you ONLY get to say:
      • Your name
      • Your organization/affiliation (include if you’re a frontline resident or constituent – and name which committee member – if applicable)
      • That you support AB 345