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UPDATE: EXIDE BANKRUPTCY PUBLIC HEARING -TUES, 10/13 @ 4pm Tel (844) 337-7911 ID: 579-5412

(Full post, noticia completa) Thank you for submitting a public comment to US Department of Justice​ (USDOJ) regarding Exide’s bankruptcy plan.​ The USDOJ will be holding a public hearing w/ one day’s notice!  😒 Join us to continue to take

Voting Info Workshops! October 13, 20, 21, and 27th

Nov 3, 2020 is Election Day; ensure you know your voter rights and ways to vote safely and securely.   4-part virtual workshop series to build your power at home (and physically-distant at the polls)! October 13, 20, 21,

Volunteer with us!

📣 Hey everyone! 📣 ¡Hola!  📣 Join us on FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, and/or SUNDAYS, to help voters learn about #YesOn15! Help us reclaim $12 billion for schools and communities throughout California! 📚🏘Register @ http://bit.ly/cbeaY15vol 📲

Acompáñanos los VIERNES, SABADOS, y/o DOMINGOS

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