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(August 12, 2015) “Activists Push Successfully for Bay Area Climate Rules” East Bay Express

(April 13, 2015) “The ExxonMobil Explosion That Nobody Is Talking About” Climate Progress

(April 10, 2015) “East Oakland doesn’t ‘need another drop of pollution” Oakland Voices

(March 20, 2015) “Warning shots. A trio of recent lawsuits could signal a litigious future for Phillips 66 and its rail spur project.” New Times

(February 2, 2015) “Nurses and Climate Justice groups, join Oil Workers in Strike” Bay Area News Group

(December 10, 2014) “Berkeley, environmentalists cite concerns over two-city refinery projectContra Costa Times

(November 12, 2014) “Board of Supervisors pushes legal efforts to force shutdown of Exide battery plant.”

(October 14, 2014) “Public documents show hazardous waste from Exide plant spilled onto highways, into storm drains.” CBS2 Los Angeles

(September 30, 2014) “New Law Turns Up the Heat on Exide” KPCC

(September 11, 2014) – “Wilmington’s new bike lane network, and what it does and doesn’t do.” StreetsBlogLA

(September 8, 2014) – “CALIFORNIA: Environmental justice movement battles ‘hot spots’ while winning cap-and-trade money.” Environment & Energy Publishing

(September 8, 2014) – “Judge Green-Lights Shipments of Explosive Crude Oil in Richmond.” East Bay Express

(September 4, 2014) – “Activists form human barricade to protest crude-by-rail facility.” San Francisco Bay Guardian

(August 21, 2014) – “After Oregon Rejects Coal Export Plan, Long Beach Votes to Export Coal and PetKoch.” The Huffington Post

(August 13, 2014) – “Valero rail project opponents to gather before Thursday meeting.” Benicia Herald

(July 24, 2014) – “Richmond’s Battle with Chevron’s Oil Refinery Project Comes to a Head.” East Bay Express

(July 16, 2014) – “Overnight fire at Chevron refinery in Richmond renews safety concerns at the plant.” ABC7

(July 15, 2014) – “Take a deep breath — you may not like what’s up in the air.” USC News

(July 11, 2014) – “Richmond Panel OKs Chevron Refinery Plan — With Conditions.” KQED News

(July 9, 2014) – “Plan Bay Area beats back legal challenges.” San Francisco Business Times

(July 8, 2014) – “Regulators propose agreement to limit pollution from Exide plant.” LA Times

(July 7, 2014) – “Few of Exide’s neighbors have gotten blood tests for lead.” 89.3 KPCC

(July 2, 2014) – “Environmentalists to Battle Chevron Refinery Project.” East Bay Express

(June 30, 2014) – “Agencies overseeing Plan Bay Area settle lawsuit.” Contra Costa Times

(June 29, 2014) – “Worst Bay Area Polluters Being Let Off The Hook?.” KPIX 5

(June 27, 2014) – “A Big Cut for L.A. Emissions Proposed.” KCET

(June 25, 2014) – “Building a healthy living plan for a growing Bay Area.” San Francisco Examiner

(June 23, 2014) – “Settlement Reached on Bay Area Transportation and Housing Plan.” Public News Service

(June 18, 2014) – “Oil Trains are Coming to Southern California.” KCRW Radio

(June 18, 2014) – “Oakland votes to keep coal and oil trains away.” Grist

(June 17, 2014) – “Exide’s hazardous waste permit application deficient, California says.” LA Times

(June 13, 2014) – “Report: L.A. oil and gas companies used a lot of toxic chemicals last year.” Salon

(June 12, 2014) – “When the sea levels rise in the Bay, where will it hurt in Oakland?Oakland Local

(June 6, 2014) – “Suit seeks to halt plans for Richmond oil refinery expansion.” San Francisco Chronicle

(June 5, 2014) CBE Attorney Roger Lin speaks to KPFA radio about our lawsuit against BAAQMD

(May 31, 2014) – “Demonstration over ‘bomb trains’ hauling crude oil in Richmond.” San Jose Mercury News

(May 30, 2014) – “Officials want to recirculate environmental report on Phillips 66 Rodeo refinery project.” Contra Costa Times

(May 29, 2014) – “California is Charging Ahead with Electric Vehicles.” Public News Service

(May 29, 2014) – “The “Utility Monopoly Power Grab of 2014.″ Clean Technica

(May 12, 2014) – “Ethnic Voters Want Environmental Protections, But Do Their Lawmakers? New America Media

(May 9, 2014) – “Contra Costa County supervisors put off Rodeo refinery hearing once more.” Contra Costa Times

(May 1, 2014) – “Facing off against pollution in South LA neighborhoods.” Intersections South LA

(April 25, 2014) – “How a cop’s blows turned Richmond’s Andres Soto into a climate activist.” Grist

(April 18, 2014) – “Richmond Residents Concerned Over Chevron Refinery Modernization Plans.” KPIX Channel 5

(April 16, 2014) – CBE Organizer Andres Soto debates Chevron regarding their proposed refinery expansion in Richmond, CA. KQED Radio

(April 15, 2014) – “Environmental Activists Rally Against Chemical Pollution in Los Angeles.” Annenberg TV News

(April 14, 2014) – “Chevron Tries Again With Richmond Refinery Revamp.” KQED 

(April 1, 2014) – “What Does a Future Without Nuclear Power Look Like for Southern California.” Earth Island Journal

(March 31, 2014) – “Environmentalists Sue to Block Explosive Fracked Oil Shipments in Richmond.East Bay Express

(March 28, 2014) – Steven Low speaks to Mutiny Radio about Environmental Justice. Mutiny Radio (start at time index 1:04:13)

(March 28, 2014) – “Lawsuit Filed Over Fracked Oil Trains In The Bay Area.” KPIX Channel 5

(March 26, 2014) – “Crude Journalism.” VICE

(March 21, 2014) – “Chevron looks to modernize troubled refinery.” KTVU Channel 2

(March 21, 2014) – “Frustrated Neighbors Want Faster Action Over L.A. Battery Recycling Plant.KQED

(March 19, 2014) – “Angry residents confront state officials over Exide plant.” LA Times

(March 15, 2014) – “Vecinos de Wilmington amenazados por contaminación.” La Opinion

(March 6, 2014) – “Survivor Of Fracked Oil Explosion Shares Her Story.” KPIX Channel 5

(March 6, 2014) – “LA marches for climate action.”

(February 27, 2014) – “Millennials use finance to challenge universities.” The Guardian, UK

(February 24, 2014) – “CA Bill aims to accelerate number of electric vehicles.” San Diego Scoop

(February 20, 2014) – “Massive Oil-By-Rail Plan in East Bay Put on Hold.” East Bay Express

(February 15, 2014) – “Bay Area Residents Resist Crude-by-Rail as Accidents Rise.” KQED Radio

(February 15, 2014) – “Paramount residents not alone in pollution fight.” LA Times

(February 11, 2014) – “Bridging the chasm between environmental and economic justice: A conversation with activists Bill Fletcher, Jr., and Bill Gallegos.” The Rag Blog

(February 5, 2014) – “More Tar Sands and Fracked Oil Headed for East Bay.” East Bay Express

(January 24, 2014) – “AQMD sues Vernon battery plant over pollution violations.” Los Angeles Wave

(January 22, 2014) – “Encourage delivery trucks to go electric to clean the air.” San Francisco Chronicle

(January 21, 2014) – “Packed chamber, public concerns, prompt Contra Costa supervisors to extend hearing on refinery plans.” Contra Costa Times

(January 13, 2014) – “Activists Protest Massive Expansion of Crude Oil Terminal in East Bay.” East Bay Express

(December 22, 2013) – “Report on blast shows better system needed.” Contra Costa Times

(December 11, 2013) – “Toxins from burning bodies bad for Oakland, lawsuit says.” San Francisco Chronicle

(December 5, 2013) – “Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Industry Has Come to Life, Leaked Document Shows.” Inside Climate News

(December 4, 2013) – “Oil refineries, environmentalists clash over plans.” San Francisco Chronicle

(December 2, 2013) – “East Oakland residents protest Neptune Society crematorium plan.” Oakland Local

(October 11, 2013) – “Chevron’s billion dollar modernization project moves forward.” Richmond Confidential

(October 8, 2013) – “California labor union feud lands on Brown’s desk.” Sacramento Bee

(October 8, 2013) – “Residents to rally for alternatives to 710 freeway expansion project.” Press-Telegram

(October 7, 2013) – “Deal reached with Vernon firm accused of releasing toxic emissions.” LA Times

(October 4, 2013) – “Burning controversy over East Oakland crematorium.” SF Chronicle

(October 2, 2013) – “Exide records excess lead emissions, despite cutbacks.” LA Times

(October 1, 2013) – “Dirty Substance From California’s Oil Refineries Burned Overseas.” KPIX Channel 5

(September 18, 2013) – “Exide ordered to cut production after lead emissions exceed standards.” LA Times

(September 13, 2013) – “Judge’s ruling could fast track East Oakland crematorium.” Contra Costa Times

(September 3, 2013) – “Feed-In Tariff Solar Program Largest in the Nation.” Mother Earth News

(September 1, 2013) – “In Asthma-Plagued County, a Move Toward Prevention.” New America Media

(August 29, 2013) – “Huntington Park agrees to revitalization project.” LA Wave

(August 20, 2013) – “Clean Air Groups to Oil Industry: “Stop SCARE-ing California” About AB 32, Clean Energy.” California Majority Report

(August 14, 2013) – “A Midnight Ride Up to Sac Gives 710 Communities the (Possibility) to Breathe.” LA Streets Blog

(August 10, 2013) – “Chevron refinery fire one year later: Fallout, impact show no signs of waning.” Contra Costa Times

(August 6, 2013) – “Protests mark anniversary of Chevron fire in Richmond.” ABC 7 News

(August 6, 2013) – CBE Senior Scientist, Greg Karras on KPFA’s show, Up Front: refining of dirtier crude oil.

(August 6, 2013) – “A year after a refinery explosion, Richmond, Calif., is fighting back.” Grist

(August 5, 2013) – CBE Organizer, Andres Soto, is interviewed on KALW’s show, Your Call: one year anniversary of the Richmond Chevron disaster

(August 5, 2013) – “Chevron to pay $2 million for refinery fire.” San Francisco Chronicle

(August 5, 2013) – “Thousands Protest Chevron Oil Refinery in Richmond, California.” The Nation

(July 31, 2013) – “Activists to Protest Tar Sands Oil Refinery.” East Bay Express

(July 27, 2013) – “Trash talk and the real dirt on a ‘toxic tour’ of Los Angeles.” LA Times

(July 14, 2013) – “Benicia Planning commission hears testimony on Valero rail proposal.” Times-Herald

(July 12, 2013) – “Chevron fire report urges oversight overhaul.” San Francisco Chronicle

(July 9, 2013) – “East Contra Costa power plant to pay $2 million to offset potential environmental harm.” Contra Costa Times

(July 2, 2013) – “Chevron refinery blaze to cost Richmond, school district millions in property tax revenues.” Contra Costa Times

(June 26, 2013) – “Largest-in-the-Nation Feed-in Tariff Solar Program Kicks Off Today.” The Wall Street Journal

(June 18, 2013) – “RICHMOND: New state budget calls for tripling number of refinery inspectors.” KTVU Channel 2

(June 18, 2013) – “Op-Ed: Bill (AB26) would use clean energy funds to subsidize refinery operations.” San Francisco Chronicle

(June 3, 2013) – “Letter to the Editor: Big Oil gets another corporate handout.” Contra Costa Times

(May 31, 2013) – “Energy Commission Sued over Location of New Natural Gas Plants.” KCET

(May 18, 2013) – “Study finds disproportionate minority populations in heat-prone areas.” The Daily Californian

(April 26, 2013) – “RICHMOND: Damaged part of Chevron refinery reopens for production.” KTVU Channel 2

(April 18, 2013) –  “CAP-AND-TRADE: WHO WILL BENEFIT?” The Body Politic

(April 16, 2013) – “Environmental group offers “toxic tour” of city.” Richmond Confidential

(April 16, 2013) – “Federal investigation blames Chevron for refinery fire.” Daily Democrat

(April 4, 2013) – “RICHMOND: Repairs at refinery complete.” KTVU Channel 2

(April 3, 2013) – “LA to Take Legal Action Over Arsenic Spewing Recycling Plant.” Pacifica Evening News

(April 2, 2013) – “Groups seek probe into low-grade crude shipments to L.A. refineries.” LA Times.  

(March 28, 2013) – “Chevron cuts bonus for CEO, other execs.” San Francisco Chronicle

(March 20, 2013) – “Will California’s Cap and Trade Be Fair.” The Nation

(March 8, 2013) – “Big Oil AstroTurf Subverts Clean Air and Fuel.”

(March 1, 2013) – “Refinery safety collaborative holds first Richmond forum.” Richmond Confidential

(February 20, 2013) – “Labor and environmental groups join forces on refinery issues.” Richmond Confidential

(February 12, 2013) – “Not In Our Backyard: Fighting Pollution in Richmond, Ca.” National Radio Project

(February 6, 2013) – “Environmentalists and unions band together to fight CEQA changes.” LA Times

(February 5, 2013) – “Three Government Committees Reject Current Plans to Widen 710 Between Long Beach and East LA.LA.Streetsblog

(February 5, 2013) – “Phillips Refinery Seeks to Increase Tanker Traffic.” KQED

(February 1, 2013) – “Earnings report caps off week of mixed news for Chevron.” Richmond Confidential

(January 30, 2013) –  “RICHMOND: Chevron plans to put refinery at full production raises trust issues.” Greg Karras speaks to KTVU Channel 2 about Chevron’s long history of ignoring safety at its Richmond refinery. KTVU

(January 30, 2013) – “RICHMOND: Chevron hit with $1M OSHA fine from refinery fire.” KTVU Channel 2

(December 20, 2012) –  The Morning Mix: Senior Scientist, Greg Karras, speaks about the fight to safely rebuild portions of the Richmond Chevron refinery that were damaged in the Aug. 6, 2012 fireKPFA

(November 23, 2012) – “Climate Change: Rising Tides, Rising Voices,” Organizer Alicia Rivera  is featured in this radio documentary about the impact of climate change upon Southern California communities.  Free Speech Radio News 

(November 12, 2012) – Bill Gallegos speaks to Pacifica Evening News about California’s upcoming Cap and Trade programKPFA

(November 12, 2012) – “Chevron sidesteps call for cleaner tech.” Front page of San Francisco Chronicle

(November 9, 2012) – “Chevron says it will upgrade pipes.” San Francisco Chronicle

(November 5, 2012) – “Overextended Cal OSHA challenged to keep track of Chevron refinery issues.”

(November 4, 2012) – “SPECIAL REPORT: KTVU investigates past complaints filed against Chevron refinery.” Senior Scientist, Greg Karras, speaks to KTVU about the Aug 6 Chevron refinery fire. KTVU Channel 2

(October 25, 2012) – “Locals React to Anti-Soda Tax Campaign in Richmond.” Richmond Community Organizer, Andres Soto speaks to KQED about the Richmond Soda Tax

(October 15, 2012) – “Chevron ignored risk in ’11, workers say.” San Francisco Chronicle. Unchecked corrosion… was responsible for another fire at the plant last year that prompted workers to complain to regulators that the company was ignoring the problem

(September 25, 2012) – “Chevron says pipe low on key protectant.” San Francisco Chronicle

(September 24, 2012) – “Community Groups Lean on Richmond Refinery To Change Practices.”  KCBS radio speaks at length with CBE Senior Scientist, Greg Karras, regarding the Chevron Richmond refinery fire investigation.  Time index 14:42 begins Greg’s interview

(September 12, 2012) – “Board: Chevron failed to check bad pipe.” San Francisco Chronicle

(September 11, 2012) – “Air Quailty District hosts informative session on refinery fire.” Richmond Confidential

(September 7, 2012) – “Too few state oil refinery-safety checks.” San Francisco Chronicle

(August 27, 2012) – “Few concrete answers to the Chevron fire.” San Francisco Chronicle

(August 24, 2012) – KTVU, Bay Area: CBE charges Chevron with knowledge of pipe corrosion issues (video).  CBE senior staff researcher Greg Karras interviewed

(August 20, 2012) – CBE Richmond Organizer Andrés Soto interviewed by KCBS, San Francisco: In Richmond, Chevron Hustles To Repair Refinery, Scrub Soot (video).

(August 19, 2012) – “Refinery smoke blew past air monitors”  San Francisco Chronicle

(August 15, 2012) – “Chevron fire ignited by idling rig?San Francisco Chronicle. Notes CBE’s role in participating in the investigation in the cause of the fire

(August 12, 2012) – CBE Richmond Organizer Andrés Soto featured in Sunday edition cover story,  “Chevron’s tense relations with Richmond.San Francisco Chronicle

(August 11, 2012) – “Metal recycling firms burgeon in state, but regulators can’t keep up.” Los Angeles Times

(August 10, 2012) – “Editorial: Chevron fire should be a wake-up call.” The Sacramento Bee

(August 10, 2012) – Greg Karras is interviewed on KPFA’s show, Up Front, regarding the Richmond Chevron refinery explosion and fire

(August 8, 2012) – “Chevron Oil Refinery Fire in Richmond, California Forces Over 900 Residents to Hospitals.” Democracy Now.  CBE Organizer, Andres Soto, speaks to Amy Goodman about the Richmond refinery fire

(August 8, 2012) – “Richmond air quality safe, analysis says.” San Francisco Chronicle.  “Why is the government saying the exact opposite of what the hospital and the people are saying?” said Greg Karras, senior scientist

(August 7, 2012) – “Refinery warning worked-mostly.” San Francisco Chronicle.  “It’s tantamount to a complete failure… Even for the people who got the calls, it was too late,” Andres Soto

(August 7, 2012) – “Peril in refinery’s neighborhood.” San Francisco Chronicle. Chevron again will need to explain to the community why the Richmond refinery is worth the risks that accompany it

(August 7, 2012) – CBE Richmond Organizer, Andres Soto and Senior Scientist, Greg Karras, are featured on KPFA’s morning show Up Front regarding the Chevron refinery explosion and fire

(August 7, 2012) – “Chevron Refinery Fire:” KQED Radio speaks to CBE Senior Scientist, Greg Karras, regarding the public health and safety implications of the 8/6 Chevron Refinery explosion and fire

(July 2, 2012) – “STORYBUS TOURS: HOW THE ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS HEALTH.” Hollywood Health and Society

(June 20, 2012)- “Cap-and-trade plan upheld by Calif. court.” San Francisco Chronicle

(May 22, 2012) – “Oakland turns cold shoulder to embattled crematory.” Oakland Tribune covers the fight by CBE and residents to ensure the community has a voice in whether a crematorium moves in to East Oakland

(May 18, 2012) – “Hard-hit Neighborhoods in L.A. Seek Zoning Protection.” Public Radio international’s show, Living On Earth, covers CBE’s Clean Up Green Up green zones proposal for LA

(May 3, 2012, CA) – “New Strategies for Environmental Justice: Green Zones.”

Long Beach Press-Telegram Op-Ed (April 25, 2012) – “LA Shows that Solar Power Isn’t Just for the Wealthy.” Bill Gallegos, CBE Executive Director, discusses building solar power for the low-income communities of LA

(April 20, 2012) – “Wow: California (Public Utilities Commission) Votes NO on Fossil Fuels.” (

(March 27, 2012) – “Dirty Crude Spells Dirty Air in California.New America Media article highlights recent study by CBE’s Greg Karras on the impacts of processing dirty crude

(January 12, 2012) – “Environmental Justice Lawsuit Targets L.A. Freeway Pollution Monitoring.” Pacifica Evening News covers lawsuit by CBE, NRDC, and others against the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to track air pollution coming from busy freeways, impacting over a million residents that live nearby. Many of the affected residents are impoverished and in communities of color. Studies show that the health impacts are most damaging to children

(December 4, 2011) – Occupy L.A. and environmental protesters demonstrate downtown

(May 19, 2011) – Bill Gallegos: Cooling Dante’s Inferno. LA Weekly profiles Bill Gallegos, CBE Executive Director, as one of LA Weekly’s “Best of LA People 2011.”

(September 26, 2010) – Well-known columnist Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times writes about CBE organizer Alicia Rivera’s attempts to fight Prop 23 (and the refineries)!

(July 28, 2010) – Toxic Tours of Los Angeles. Huffington Post writer Anna Almendrala describes her CBE Toxic Tour of LA.

(November 2, 2009) – “Nehanda Imara, Oakland’s mother of environmental justice.”