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Feds poised to call for overhaul of protections from refinery fires & explosions

[Press release] The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) draft report found that safety oversight of oil refineries is fundamentally broken. Read more.

Brown-to-Green Report

[New report] CBE is proud to present its Brown-to-Green Implementation Plan for the City of Huntington Park in Southeast Los Angeles County. Download the report here. 

Lawsuit Challenges the City of Oakland’s Environmental Injustice

[Press release] “Stewart Enterprise have been tone deaf to seniors, families and other residents in the community who have expressed legitimate health and safety concerns about this project,”said Reverend Buford. Read the press release. Read the legal petition here.

Community Urge Air District to Protect Bay Area from Tar Sands Oil Projects

[Press release] Worker and community groups are calling on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to support the community and worker proposed recommendations to protect environmental health and safety from new toxic dirty oil projects. Read more.

Threat of Refining Lower Quality “Dirtier” Oil in the Bay Area

[Fact sheet] Even before a full switch to tar sands, shifting to lower quality oil already has caused serious harm to refinery communities, workers, and the environment. Read more.

Response to Gov. Brown’s veto of SB 811

CBE has been working diligently to ensure the I-710 corridor project is not merely a freeway expansion project, but an entirely new type of freight and people transit project—one that protects and revitalizes the communities… read more.

LA Residents Demand the Immediate Shut Down of Exide Technologies

[Press release] Residents of East and Southeast Los Angeles demand the immediate shut down of Exide Technologies, a dangerous polluter and serial violator of health protective environmental laws and regulations. Read the press release and the media advisory.

Air pollution causes lung cancer, World Health Organization says

[News] The World Health Organization declared air pollution a human carcinogen like tobacco smoke, asbestos and arsenic, calling it a leading cause of cancer deaths globally.

A win for clean energy at the CPUC

[Press release] California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decision reduces need for more gas fired power plants.

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