AKOMAH Holiday Market 12/6/2020 10am-3pm

(See event) Organized by The Black Cultural Zone, join CBE East Oakland and learn about different resources and campaigns at this amazing market.
Sunday December 6, 2020 10:00am-3:00pm Location: 6955 Foothill Blvd. Oakland, CA 94605 Located steps away from the Eastmont Transit Center

Giving Tuesday 12/1/2020

(Full post, noticia completa)  Today is giving Tuesday! Show your support for EJ communities fighting to end the bad through community power by donating today!

¡Hoy es Un Día Para Dar! ¡Muestre su apoyo a las comunidades de justicia ambiental que luchan para acabar con lo malo a través del poder de la comunidad!  ¡De su donación hoy!

UPDATE: EXIDE BANKRUPTCY PUBLIC HEARING -TUES, 10/13 @ 4pm Tel (844) 337-7911 ID: 579-5412

(Full post, noticia completa) Thank you for submitting a public comment to US Department of Justice​ (USDOJ) regarding Exide’s bankruptcy plan.​ The USDOJ will be holding a public hearing w/ one day’s notice!  😒 Join us to continue to take action against Exide’s plan to abandon the site and leave us with their toxic mess. Shoutout to the 570 individuals, SELA city leaders, County agencies, and various community orgs that submitted emails urging for this public hearing–Demand the DOJ to deny Exide’s Bankruptcy plan and site abandonment.
AUDIENCIA PUBLICA: BANCARROTA DE EXIDE, MARTES, 10/13 @ 4pm Tel (844) 337-7911 ID: 579-5412Gracias por enviar un comentario público al USDOJ sobre el plan de quiebra de Exide. El Departmento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos (USDOJ)  tendra una audiencia publica con solo un dia de anuncio! 😒 Ayudenos a  continuar a tomar accion contra el plan de Exide de abandonar el sitio y dejarnos con su derrame toxico. Gracias a las 570 personas, lideres de las ciudades de SELA, agencias del condado, y varias organizaciones comunitarias que enviaron comentarios exijiendo para esta audiencia– ahora es el tiempo para asegurar que el Dept de Justicia  niegue la bancarrota de Exide y cual quier plan de abandono. 

Voting Info Workshops! October 13, 20, 21, and 27th

Nov 3, 2020 is Election Day; ensure you know your voter rights and ways to vote safely and securely.  
4-part virtual workshop series to build your power at home (and physically-distant at the polls)! October 13, 20, 21, 27 from 5-6pm REGISTER: 
El 3 de noviembre de 2020 es el día de las elecciones; conozca sus derechos como votante y las formas seguras de votar. Serie de 4 talleres virtuales para desarrollar su poder en casa (y físicamente distante en las urnas). 13, 20, 21, 27 de octubre de 6:30-7:30pm REGISTRATE:

Volunteer with us!

📣 Hey everyone! 📣 ¡Hola!  📣
Join us on FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, and/or SUNDAYS, to help voters learn about #YesOn15! Help us reclaim $12 billion for schools and communities throughout California! 📚🏘
Register @ 📲

Acompáñanos los VIERNES, SABADOS, y/o DOMINGOS para asegurar que votantes aprendan sobre #YesOn15 ¡Ayude recuperar $12 mil millones para escuelas y comunidades en California! 📚🏘

Regístrese @ 📲☎️📞

Submit Public Comment to USDOJ on Bankruptcy Filing by Exide by 10/06/2020!

(Full post, lee mas) ALERT: The US Department of Justice (USDOJ) is considering approving Exide’s Bankruptcy Plan, that includes the abandonment of the site cleanup. URGE USDOJ not allow Exide to abandon the toxic cleanup of their Vernon, to extend the comment period and hold a public hearing. You can use to write your comment by Tues, 10/6/20!

ALERTA: El Dept de Justicia de EEUU (USDOJ) esta considerando en aprovar el Plan de Bancarrota de Exide, incluyendo el abandono de la limpieza de su fabrica. URJA que USDOJ no permita a Exide abandonar su fabrica contaminada en Vernon, que la corte extienda el perdiodo para dar comentarios y queremos una audencia publica. Haga su comentario en este link Martes,10/6/20

Virtual Workshop: Electric Vehicles 101– 9/24/20 5-6pm

(Full post) We are transitioning to a future with clean energy, come learn more about reducing transportation costs and taking advantage of new vehicle technology through our electric vehicle workshop!

Link to register

Regional Leadership Academy- East Oakland + Richmond (9/23/20-10/14/20)

(Full post, publicación completa) Our annual Richmond and East Oakland Regional Leadership Academy is right around the corner! Learn about a feminist economy, identifying anti-blackness in our communities, and how we can organize to overcome environmental injustices in our hoods! To apply (case sensitive):

Contact for any questions.

¡Nuestra Academia de Liderazgo Regional anual de Richmond y East Oakland está a la vuelta de la esquina! ¡Aprenda sobre una economía feminista, identificando la lucha contra la anti-negritud en nuestras comunidades y cómo podemos organizarnos para superar las injusticias ambientales! Para aplicar:

Contacta a si tienes mas preguntas antes de aplicar.

Call to Action: LA City Attorney, Release the Report!

See whole post here.

#CalltoAction We need your help in our fight for a 2,500 set back from oil drilling sites near our homes, parks, and hospitals! We have been targeting our City Attorney TO ACT in a a time of overwhelming crisis. We refuse to let entire communities be exposed to toxic oil emissions and we refuse to BARGAIN with greedy oil companies. Keep oil drilling a whole 2500ft away from where humans live! Mike Feuer release the report and don’t SELL OUT our neighborhoods! #NoDrillingWhereWereLiving

Help us tag, tweet, and CALL script below and platform information available!
You can also email:

(ENG: Hi my name is __________________ and I live in the City of Los Angele (state which oil site you live next to). I’m calling to voice my concern about the delay in the City Attorney’s report regarding the 2500-ft human healthy and safety buffer, with a 5-year phase-out in Los Angeles. With LA County now having the most coronavirus cases in the U.S., we can’t allow toxic air pollution from oil sites to continue damaging our lungs any further. We need LA City Attorney Mike Feuer to complete the report because we deserve clean and healthy neighborhoods. We say #NoDrillingWhereWereLiving and call on City Attorney Mike Feuer to release the report immediately.)

(SPAN: Hola, mi nombre es __________________ y vivo en la ciudad de Los Ángeles (diga el lugar de extracción petrolera que está cerca de su casa). Llamo para expresar mi preocupación por el retraso en el informe de la ciudad sobre la distancia de 2.500 pies que debe haber para la seguridad y salud de los humanos y la eliminación progresiva de estos lugares en Los Ángeles durante los próximos 5 años. Dado que Los Ángeles tiene la mayoría de los casos de Coronavirus en los EE.UU., no podemos permitir que la contaminación tóxica del aire de los lugares petroleros continúe dañando nuestros pulmones. Necesitamos que el Fiscal de la Ciudad de Los Ángeles, Mike Feuer, complete el informe porque merecemos vecindarios limpios y saludables. Decimos No a la Extracción de Petróleo donde Vivimos y pedimos al Fiscal de la Ciudad, Mike Feuer que publique el informe inmediatamente.

AB 345 – ALL HANDS ON DECK – Hearing Testimonies, Wednesday (8/5/2020) @ 9am

See whole post here.

  • What: testifying in support of AB 345 at the Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Water hearing
  • When: Wednesday, August 5th at 9am (our bill is supposed to be first up)
  • Who: supporters of AB 345:s
    • Unlimited frontline community members
    • Unlimited folks who are constituents of committee members (list here)
  • How: call in by phone, 1-888-251-2909 Access Code 736-2831
    • When you call in, you can listen to the hearing but will be muted
    • Turn off the volume on the device you are watching the hearing on (broadcast will show up on calendar here) and listen using the phone audio (which will be real-time, there can be a delay on video audio)
    • When the chair calls for testimonies in support of the bill, dial 1-0 (one time only)
    • Be patient and an operator will come on the line to give you a line number (i.e. “you’re line 25”) – there can be a short wait until the operator comes on, do not dial 1-0 again or you will be removed from the queue
    • Once you receive a line number, you’re in the queue
    • When it is your turn to speak, the operator will call out your line number and unmute you (“line 25, please make your comment”)
    • Immediately start to address the committee – you ONLY get to say:
      • Your name
      • Your organization/affiliation (include if you’re a frontline resident or constituent – and name which committee member – if applicable)
      • That you support AB 345

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