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CSB Report on Chevron 2012 Pipe Rupture and Fire; Extensive Sulfidation Corrosion Noted

The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) released a technical evaluation report on piping samples taken from the Chevron Refinery in Richmond, California, where a hydrocarbon release and massive fire occurred… Read more.

Sen. Michael Rubio resigns from Cal. Legislature to work for Chevron

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Poll on climate change: Most Californians consider it a serious threat

Despite mounting political divisions over the issue, nearly two-thirds of Californians continue to consider global warming a serious threat that needs to be addressed. Read more.

New Report Shows Regulators Not Protecting Public From Toxic Harm; Consumer Watchdog Calls On Governor To Shakeup Department and Punish Polluters

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Air pollution linked to low birth weight

Mothers who breathe the kind of pollution emitted by vehicles, coal power plants and factories are significantly likelier to give birth to underweight children than mothers living in less polluted areas, according to international findings published Wednesday.  Read more.

Oil Industry Fuels California Lobbyists

New lobbying data shows Big Oil and friends spent more than $25.5 million lobbying in California in 2012, a new record for interest group lobbying efforts.  Read more.

CBE Joins New Coalition to Protect California’s Landmark Environmental Law

The new coalition (ceqaworks) is an effort to shield California’s landmark environmental law from radical reforms that would limit public input into land use planning, threaten public health, and weaken environmental protections.  Read the press release here.

Community Groups Secure Regulations Over Port Pollution

Environmental groups, including CBE, and community members helped persuade the South Coast’s air district to adopt regulations to control and reduce pollution emitted from the Ports of LA and Long Beach.  This victory will translate into improved health for port communities.

Coalition Prompts Big Step Forward Against I-710 Expansion

An overflowing room of concerned residents during a public hearing convinced a Caltrans advisory committee to vote unanimously to consider a more sustainable community plan (Community Alternative 7) for the I-710 expansion.  For years various public agencies have sought to expand the I-710 freeway, which will bring more traffic and air pollution to Southeast LA.  We’re one step closer toward realizing the communities’ vision of a healthier I-710 corridor.  This victory was made possible by the Coalition for Environmental Health and Justice (CEHAJ), which includes CBE.

New Collaborative Forms to Improve Practices in Oil Refining Industry

The $1 million in fines for willful and serious safety violations issued by Cal/OSHA today against the Chevron Corporation should be a wake-up call for the Bay Area.  Read More.

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