Call to Action: South East LA Phone Zap 4/1/2020 from 2-5pm

Spanish flyer. English flyer. Local electeds contact info– please call them to uplift the urgency behind declaring a state of emergency for South East LA communities! Rent/Mortgage forgiveness, access to health resources, and NO ICE COLLABORATION- NOW! ¡Por favor llámelos para elevar la urgencia de declarar un estado de emergencia para las comunidades del SurEste de Los Ángeles! Perdon de renta/ hipoteca, acceso a recursos de salud y NO COLABORACIÓN CON ICE ¡AHORA!

POSTPONED- “District 15” Film Screening- 3/13/2020

CBE would like to thank you for your support and interest in attending the District 15 public film screening. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, we will be postponing the public showing until further notice.
You are welcomed to watch the film at home and please support by texting “NO DRILL LA” to 71333.

CBE quisiera agradecerle por su apoyo e interés en asistir a la proyección pública de películas del Distrito 15. Desafortunadamente, debido a preocupaciones de salud, pospondremos la presentación pública en espera hasta nuevo aviso. Le invitamos a ver la película en casa y por favor envíe un mensaje de texto con el mensaje “NO DRILL LA” al 71333

District 15 is a short documentary that follows young leaders and their fight to end neighborhood oil drilling in Wilmington, California, the area with the most concentrated oil drilling and refining operations in urban America.

More than 750 oil wells are operating dangerously close to homes, schools, churches and hospitals threatening the health of thousands of Angeleno families. Through court cases against the city of Los Angeles, actions in collaboration with Stand LA, photo essays, surveys of particulate matter, youth group meetings, canvassing and more, this short film shines light on the hope and tenacity of the youth in Wilmington, CA.

POSTPONED-SELA Toxic Tour/ Recorrido Toxico 3/14/2020

CBE would like to thank you for your support and interest in attending the Toxic Tour on March 14th, 2020. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, we will be postponing the Toxic Tour until further notice. Our tour leaders are elders in our community and we would like to ensure that their health and well being is prioritized. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will be sure to reach out to everyone who RSVPd once a new date is chosen.


Marathon Refinery Fire 2/25-2/26/20

Latest fact sheet HERE.

Last night, Feb. 25, 2020, the Marathon/Tesoro Los Angeles Refinery in Carson / Wilmington erupted into a major fire after multiple explosions and a giant fireball:
• The major fire was seen shooting into the sky, with black smoke that could even be seen at night. (A reduced fire was still seen burning this morning, Feb. 26th.) The original explosion was seen as far away as Fullerton (about 25 miles). This is the largest refinery on the West Coast, and its major expansion was protested by thousands, and contested in court.

SELA- SOMAH Community Meeting- 3/7/2020- 2-4pm

English flyer here. Spanish flyer here.

Come learn more about our Solar on MultiFamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) Program, how you or your neighbors can benefit, and our vision for a Just Transition to a sustainable economy that works for us all! ¡Venga a aprender más sobre nuestro programa de Energia Solar en Residencias Multifamiliares de Bajos Recursos (SOMAH), vea cómo usted o sus vecinos pueden beneficiarse y nuestra visión de una transición justa a una economía sostenible que funcione para todos nosotros!